Jun 12, 2008

Free Softmaker Office SE Suite

Are you following the evolution of free office suite software? If so, you might be interested in what was promised in an ad from SoftMaker in July 2008 PC World magazine (page 14). The ad indicated a free office suite could be obtained at http://www.softmakeroffice.com/. My quick internet search indicated Softmaker has been around for a number of years, so I went to http://www.softmaker.com/english/ to see what was happening. There I learned that the current version of the SoftMaker Suite costs $79.
When I went to http://www.softmakeroffice.com/, I was offered a free download of an office suite, but it was from 2006 and has been superseded by a 2008 version. If you want a free office suite that runs from a flash drive and might load faster than other suites, this might be your piece of cake. Just compare it closely to OpenOffice before you make your final decision.

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