Apr 1, 2008

Avoid Gold! Get Into Other Metals for Huge Gains!

A new quarter in the financial year begins today. The Dow will be at 12,263 when the markets open. Last night, gold closed at $893 an ounce. That's good news or bad news, depending on how well your personal finances have been going lately. (More on why this is so in later posts.) Historically, gold trades at a price which is about 1/10 the Dow Jones Industrial Average. If prices are to return to their historical ratio in the next few months, it would mean that the price of gold would rise to $1226.30 (on March 17 gold closed at $1034) or that the Dow Jones industrial average would plunge to 8930, a loss of about 27%. That is, inflation going crazy or market meltdown. Why stay up nights, worried about risking your money in such volatile investments? You can acquire other precious metals and make huge profits while risking little except for your time! This could be the best tip you get this year: Today's strategy for acquiring commodities!

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Jay Kulis said...

Well, this is ingenuity at work. Hey, what about those gold crowns people have in their mouth?