Apr 4, 2008

Who's More Informed: Soros or Washington?

Frugal Jay alerted me to an interesting interview with billionaire George Soros. It immediately raises the question of whom you should trust for dependable information about economic matters as you plan your investments: Soros or Washington? Soros Talks (Loads from Marketplace.org) Soros on Marketplace.org Forthcoming Soros Book Connect the dots yourself: Leadership in Washington Since February April 3, 2008: President Steps Aside March 18, 2008: President Upbeat About Economy, President as Cheerleader February 28, 2008: The Gasoline Issue Print Version, Feature, Body Language, YouTube

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Jay Kulis said...

The big W is out of touch just like his Dad, who was amazed by the bar code scanner in the grocery store.

I laugh whenever I see reference to the Harvard MBA. There are a lot of former Harvard MBA CEO's who ran their businesses into the ground.