May 6, 2008

Free File Launching Program Available May 6

Interesting piece of software is being offered at as a freebie.

Download page is at

The program - RecentX - keeps track of files, folders etc. that you use daily. These become available for almost instant launching. It's like clicking your Start button, then Documents or Programs, but on steroids. This kind of launching is extremely handy if your file structures are complex or you need to frequently visit folders that might be buried deeply in locations like the User folders in Documents and Settings.

You can see reviews at the download page.

Frugal Ben Says:

If you have never downloaded from the site before, exercise discretion.

There is wide variation in quality from one day to the next. Some software is extremely good, other software can be quite bad. If you have a way of installing into a sandbox to test software without changing your primary drive, that's ideal. Naturally, back up your C:\ drive before you install so that you can revert if necessary. Also, not a bad idea to install late in the day, after there are lots of comments that show how the installation process and program worked for others.

Finally, downloads will contain a Readme file with registration instructions. It is extremely important to follow these instructions precisely! Otherwise, you could end up with a 30-day trial version of the program rather than a free version.

Finally, if everything works well and you like the program, backup your C:\ drive again so that you do not lose the freebie if something goes wrong with Windows or other programs and you have to reinstall.

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