May 11, 2008

Violence in Mexico! Change Vacation Plans?

Gary A. Warner reports on dangers to Americans:
The U.S. State Department has added its big voice to the growing chorus reporting that violence in areas of Mexico near the border with the United States has become so prevalent that travelers need to consider whether they should visit. The new "travel alert," one step down from the stronger "travel warning," was issued April 14 in Washington. It says:
"Violent criminal activity fueled by a war between criminal organizations struggling for control of the lucrative narcotics trade continues along the U.S.-Mexico border. Attacks are aimed primarily at members of drug-trafficking organizations, Mexican police forces, criminal justice officials and journalists. However, foreign visitors and residents, including Americans, have been among the victims of homicides and kidnappings in the border region." The alert said recent clashes between authorities and drug cartels "have escalated to levels equivalent to military small-unit combat and have included use of machine guns and fragmentation grenades."
This, on top of the high price of gas, says stay home for the summer?

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