May 9, 2008

Shell-out Falter and Other Frugal Developments

Latteconomizing anyone?
...falling home values, skyrocketing tuitions, $4-a-gallon gas (I paid that much for the first time this week) and other gloomy omens have me exhibiting a form of what my grandfather used to call "shell-out falter." It seems to be going around. Starbucks Corp. recently reported a 28 percent drop in second-quarter profits, and some analysts attributed the decrease to neo-tightwads reducing their consumption of gourmet coffee drinks. This development prompted me to invent a new term—"latteconomizing," meaning to economize on lattes and other minor indulgences. I've cut back myself on premium joe as well as impulse tube-steak purchases. I've also been using more coupons and buying sale items in atrocious bulk.
Eric Zorn says, Tough times call for crafty economizing.

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